The Virtual High School has become VHS Learning. New name, same commitment to education.
Explore our vision for the future of learning

Our vision for the future of online learning

To understand where we’re headed, we must first look back to where we’ve been

Discover the moments that shaped VHS Learning since we began serving students over 20 years ago


VHS Learning is born when The US Department of Education awards their prestigious Technology Innovation Challenge grant to develop the first nationwide supplemental “Virtual High School”


As the Technology Innovation Challenge grant funding comes to an end, VHS, Inc. begins operating as a nonprofit organization, ensuring enduring dedication to the quality and value of its services.


VHS works with the National Education Association (NEA) to develop the essential Guide to Online High School Courses, providing criteria for creating and evaluating online courses.


Expanding beyond high schools for the first time, VHS launches gifted and talented courses for middle school students, providing rigorous and engaging educational opportunities to younger learners.


VHS exceeds 5,000 AP student enrollments, with 66% of VHS students passing with a score of 3 or higher, exceeding the national average of 60.4% and continuing to meet the needs of high performers.


The Virtual High School becomes VHS Learning, coupling an ongoing commitment to leadership and innovation within the online learning community with an expanded vision of the learners we serve.

Online learning in the future will be shaped by lessons learned from the past. VHS Learning sees online learning as a conduit for collaboration, skills development, and equal access to quality educational choices. Skilled, prepared, educators are a key part of this equation, and provide essential support and guidance to maximize student success.

Carol Ribeiro, President & CEO, VHS Learning

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