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Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is a full-time online private school powered by VHS Learning. VHS Learning is accredited by AdvancED.



Massachusetts Mayflower Academy courses are designed by subject matter experts and taught by experienced online teachers. Most courses are offered on a semester schedule, with new assignments offered each week and expectations for participation in class discussion boards and group projects. With over 200 courses to choose from students are able to take courses that pique their interests while earning their high school diploma and preparing for college. Here are highlights from specific program offerings:

  • Advanced Placement® - Massachusetts Mayflower Academy students have access to one of the largest  Advanced Placement course catalogs of any online school. Our AP catalog also exceeds what most traditional schools can offer. Your student can select from 23 College Board approved courses including AP Biology, AP Computer Science, AP Economics, AP Art History, AP Music Theory, AP Human Geography, and more.
  • Core Courses - Quality courses held to high standards, taught by experienced teachers who are specially trained in online learning through our rigorous Online Teaching Methodologies teacher development program. 
  • Unique Electives - Course offerings such as Criminology, Film and Literature, and Web Design give Massachusetts Mayflower Academy students the opportunity to explore interests and potential college majors and careers by choosing from our extensive catalog of elective offerings. 
  • ESL Courses - These unique courses combine non-streaming and streaming elements for ESL education that address specific student needs.  
  • NCAA Approved Courses - Massachusetts Mayflower Academy has been approved for NCAA initial eligibility (school code 850943). Student athletes should refer to our course catalog for a complete list of courses with NCAA approval. Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center for more information.

View the Massachusetts Mayflower Academy Policy Handbook for Grading and Academic Requirements.


Mass Mayflower Academy is a full-time online private school accredited by AdvancED powered by VHS Learning. Upon graduation from Massachusetts Mayflower Academy students receive a diploma based on Massachusetts high school graduation standards.


Graduation Requirements

The course requirements outlined below are based on Massachusetts requirements and are designed to help students reach their goals and meet college requirements.

English 4 May select AP English in 11th and 12th grade
Math 4 At least through Algebra 2
Social Studies 3 Must include World History, US History, and US Government
Science 3 3 years lab courses required
Arts/Humanities 1 May take 2 0.5 credit courses
World Language 2 2 years of same language
Physical Education 1  
Health/Personal Finance 1 0.5 credit each
Electives 3 May be taken in any content area. Must include 1 technology course.
Total 22  

Students Requiring Accommodations

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy will work to accommodate Individualized Education Programs (IEP) or 504 plans. Please submit all paperwork regarding your student's need with your application.

If you are looking for part-time online courses to supplement your current course load, please click here for VHS Learning's semester, full year and credit recovery courses.

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