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Student interaction is an extremely important part of any high school experience. Massachusetts Mayflower Academy courses are designed to foster collaboration between students. Our online classrooms include group projects and asynchronous discussions where students learn to work as a team while they learn with peers from different parts of the world. Each course includes group discussions and projects where students apply concepts from lessons to real life situations. A monthly newsletter will keep students and families informed about upcoming events and activities.


Our student clubs provide a less formal environment for students to connect on topics they are passionate about. Each club is led by a Massachusetts Mayflower Academy staff member, and includes monthly virtual meet ups and field trips. Currently the following clubs are available:

  • SAT Prep Club
  • Math Club
  • Chinese Language Club
  • Photography Club
  • Drama Club

We are always open to new ideas, please email us if you would like to request a new club. Additional club offerings will be announced in the monthly school newsletter

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