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Our Approach

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is a full-time online private high school.

We work with students and parents to personalize each student's learning plan. Our guidance counselor works to schedule courses based on student interests and previous course work. Our courses are instructor-led, cohort-based and delivered asynchronously. Asynchronous means that students can work on their courses any time during the day or evening, as long as they meet the deadlines and due dates set by their course instructors. 

Students complete a variety of assignments each week, including individual assignments as well as collaborative activities such as group projects and class discussions. Group projects and class discussions provide a sense of community and improve communication skills. Students also learn to share ideas in an asynchronous environment which will benefit them in college or the workforce. Teachers are actively involved in class discussions to prompt deeper exploration of course topics and are also available for private student communication as needed. Teachers check their courses daily, release content on a weekly basis, and help students manage their time appropriately.

This approach has proven successful through our parent company, VHS Learning, a non-profit leader in supplemental online learning programs. With over 200 courses and 20 years of experience, VHS Learning has helped thousands of students in over 40 states and 30 countries succeed in online classrooms.


At Massachusetts Mayflower Academy students choose from a wide variety of 200 courses including an expansive offering of Advanced Placement and STEM courses. Gifted and talented, humanities, and ELL courses are also available. Students are encouraged to take courses that interest them while earning their high school diploma and preparing for college.


Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is a full-time online private school accredited by AdvancED and powered by VHS Learning.

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