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VHS Learning offers over 200 courses in a wide variety of levels and disciplines, and we do so with the expertise we've developed over 20+ years educating students online.

Check out the answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive from parents.

How do online courses work?

Students enrolled in our courses have a dedicated instructor and community of peers, just like a traditional course. But instead of being restricted to a specific time and place, our courses take place online and asynchronously. This means students can complete their coursework anytime, as long as they meet the deadlines and due dates set by their instructors. Using our online platform, they will communicate with their teacher, complete weekly coursework, and participate in discussions with classmates. The only thing VHS students require is a reliable internet connection and an electronic device with internet access. Although we do offer some flexible credit recovery courses, our standard courses follow the traditional semester and full-year schedule, with specific start and end dates. Our fall semester starts in September, and our spring semester in January.

Will my child have access to an instructor?

All VHS Learning courses are led by qualified teachers actively guiding students by interacting in class discussions and private discussions with each student, along with grading assignments. Teachers will respond within 24 hours to student inquires Monday through Friday. Watch the following video to see what Esther said about her VHS teacher:

"I credit everything I learned about Veteranary Medicine to Ms. Kurzius!" 

- Esther, VHS Preveterinary Medicine Student 


What data do you have on the success of your courses?

VHS Learning is available worldwide to help schools expand their curriculum, help educators inspire their students, and inspire parents to help their students succeed in high school, college, and beyond. We have received substantial feedback over the years, and we closely monitor the achievements of our students.

What types of courses are available?

We offer a wide variety of courses for your child, including:

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Will my child's school accept VHS Learning course credit?

While most schools accept VHS Learning course credits, we strongly recommend contacting your child’s school to make sure. Upon completion of their course, your child will receive a transcript including final grade and credits earned. This transcript can then be presented to your child’s school for credit.

VHS Learning is fully accredited by AdvancED and the Middle States Commission of Secondary Schools. We also offer a selection of NCAA approved courses, please check our Accreditation and NCAA Approval page for more information.

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